The 1st Americas Golf Coach Tournament

The 1st Americas Golf Coach Tournament took place on May 5th, 2013, at the Classic Club in Palm Desert .  This teaching competition delivered some fantastic results on a tough golf course.  64 PGA Members showed up and went to work.  Hoping to take home $4,600 first prize and be crowned the first Americas Golf Coach.

To see 64 of the best teaching pros in the country on the range teaching was a sight to see.  This was the first event of its kind, and again, it was historic.  Reading the testimonies from the participants this event delivered on so many levels.  The PGA is committed to excellence and growing the game.  This teaching competition will only get better.

It’s common to hear that people have a driving range swing, a golf course swing and tournament swing.  They’re all totally different.  Having coaches with the participants every step of the way allowed students to bring their driving range swing to the course. We witnessed people playing golf better than they ever thought possible.

The Classic Club is a PGA Tour facility and was a difficult test of golf.  The weather was perfect at 82 degrees, with a slight breeze from the left.  In the end, it was Matt Newby, from GolfTec in El Segundo, that walked away as the winning coach.  His student, Richard Mills fired a 42 gross, 32 net to win by 2 shots over 3 other students.

Everything from the Classic Club, the brunch and Troon Golf did not disappoint us. The students loved the event so much they requested a reunion for the same time next year.  It was really great to be a part of such a historic teaching event and meet so many great individuals.

I hope you can join us for our next day of fun and learning.  Trust in your PGA Professionals and let him/her show you the way.


AGC Golf Tournament Results




  • 1) Matt Newby  GolfTec   $4,600
  • 2) Michael McFaul  Riviera CC  $1665
  • 2) Mike Ellis  Faldo Institute  $1665
  • 2) Jeff Kopchia  Roger Dunn SA  $1665
  • 5) Jack Crosley  Vintage Club  $800
  • 5) Jack Gibson  La Quinta CC  $800
  • 5) Bob Shirey Hunter Ranch  $800
  • 5) Kurt Donahou  Titleist  $800
  • 5) Patrick Shaw  Bajamar  $800
  • 5) Tim Skophammer  Empire Lakes  $800
  • 11) Gary Gentile Teaching Pro  $250
  • 11) Lani MacKay  Mountain Gate CC  $250
  • 11) Lee Sanudo  El Camino CC  $250
  • 11) Adam Farino  Tin Cup Center  $250
  • 15) Sean Lani  Black Gold GC  $100
  • 15) Robb Nunn  Lake Forest  $100
  • 15) Randy Reznicek  Twin Oaks  $100
  • 15) David Sanges  Teaching Pro  $100
  • 15) Dale Shaw  Teaching Pro  $100




  • Richard Mills  Net score  32  $500
  • Miguel Ortiz   Net score  34
  • Gil Armour   Net score   34
  • Glenn Humphyreys  Net score  34
  • Gerald Lawton   Net score  35
  • James Van Houten  Net score 35
  • Herb Simon  Net score  35
  • Ed Adair   Net score  35
  • Jim Digrado  Net score  35
  • Bart Dixon   Net Score  35
  • Duff Danials  Net Score  36
  • Al Regnier Net Score   36
  • John LoGiudice  Net Score  36
  • Thomas Iniquez  Net Score  36
  • Ron Lalonde   Net Score  37
  • Scott Aguilar  Net score  37
  • Tony Martinouvich  Net Score  37
  • George Gallegos  Net Score  37
  • Student Joe Sanders  Net Score  37


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